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Perks of Homemade Meals

The art of cooking foods has started since time immemorial when humans first settled down after fire was discovered and people began to practice agriculture. Since then, the art of cooking has undergone massive changes as times and notions of the people progressed to better suit their lifestyles.

People- in this current 21st century knows the value of homemade meals as these tend to be healthier and tastier than any other restaurant based foods. But the irony was that due to man’s materialistic pursuits and workaholic nature, we were forced to eat from the streets and restaurants. The true taste of good food can always be found at homes- which also brings back a lot of good memories.

Bangalore, being the IT Capital of our nation, draws its own fair share of employees who depend on street food stalls and other restaurants. But taking into account how essential it is to stay healthy, Kai Tuttu delivers 100% Homemade foods in Uttarahalli, Bangalore

Eating home-cooked meals have their own perks. It includes:-

  1. Bonding between family members increases.

    Earlier there used to be mandatory dinners which would be eaten when every member of the family returns to their homes after a day’s work.

    Sitting together, they would discuss how their day went, the things that needed to be done, crack a few jokes- socializing at its best.

    These “together” dinners proved to be very beneficial to their families as they acted so as to improve the bonding between them.

    After people started going to hotels and other malls, the true spirit of the family began to dwindle down.

  2. Saves your Time & Money

    Cooking from the luxury and comforts of your home saves you a lot of expenditure and is a lifesaver when it comes to your office timings. One won’t be able to cook on all the days so that is when we began to go for the “Easy Way” out.

    One has to keep in mind that not all outside foods are healthy. They are mostly made by adding adulterants to make the food tastier. Many times, it was found that cooking from the comfort zone of your homes, is a great way to relieve stress. If we notice closely, we can always find that the time taken to cook from homes is telling you the facts.

  3. Staying Healthy

    Only you can be your own temple of greatness. You have to choose if you want a happy life or that is filled with medical/clinical visits.

    So, in the end, in order to stay healthy, one has to always opt for homemade foods over the ones at restaurants. Indeed they are fun, but they bring us to bad shape…

  4. Cooking to discover yourself

    Almost anyone can be a good cook, and these good cooks can come from anywhere. Cooking from homes can be thought of as a great medium to “Bounce back” into life.

    One can always work without having to report to anyone. It’s kind of like “You are your own businessman”. This is perfect for self-empowerment and as a way to earn a bit of side revenue to go on with life.

  5. Kai Tuttu & Homemade meals

    Kai Tuttu was established as an online food delivery application in and around the localities of Bangalore. Those people looking for online homemade food delivery in Uttarahalli Hobli ,Bangalore. Can effectively download and avail the home/office delivery facility of Kai Tuttu.

    We onboard chefs who can cook from their homes, train them and allow them to empower themselves by cooking 100% homemade dishes. These can then be ordered and we would deliver them to the users who are in need of Homemade food delivery in Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore where they can enjoy these delicacies.

    So, it's high time we choose & authentic homemade meals. And since Kai Tuttu is now operational in areas like RR Nagar, Uttarhalli, Padmanabha Nagar, ISRO Layout, Nayandahalli, Vasanthpura, Kumaraswamy Layout, etc; people can now experience homemade delicacies and get them delivered to your homes or offices with ease.

Women in and around the premises of Bangalore can be part of our community of home chefs and cook amazing food from the comfort zone of your homes. The best part of this community is that you are earning income from doing what you love, without having to invest a penny. And you will be the ambassadors of KaiTuttu, thereby helping to bring back the love for “Good, Home-made Foods”- just like the way it’s meant to be.

To onboard into our family, all you have to do is submit your best foods along with their recipes to our judging panel where they would evaluate your dish’s standards. If they like it, you would be onboarded to our family, receive formal training and thereafter be accepted as a Kai Tuttu Chef. Then you’ll start receiving orders from different parts of Bangalore like Uttarahalli, RR Nagar, ISRO Layout, Vasanthapura, etc.

Thanks to our expert and efficient delivery system, the foods and snacks that you make will be a part of a system that helps women empower and raise the living standards of others. These dishes that you prepare would be delivered to the respective clients and thereby complete a process that spreads smiles all around while empowering the women- be it housewives, moms, sisters, etc of our country.

So, from the entire family of Kai Tuttu, we wish each and everyone a Happy International Women’s Day. Let us help empower everyone!

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