About Us

What is Kai Tuttu?

“Kai Tuttu” is a food delivery application for home-made food. Passionate home chefs can exhibit their dishes on the Kai Tuttu platform and the home food lovers can access the food they want from the unlimited cuisines at their fingertips.

Kai Tuttu for Home Food Lovers

With your hectic days and busy lifestyle, eating home food has become a dream, isn't it?

Eating from restaurants or processed food has a long-term impact on health due to chemicals, sugar, salt & unhealthy fat.

Kai Tuttu connects home food lovers to home chefs and aims to provide fresh and verity home food with lots of care.  

The verified chefs on Kai Tuttu platform intended to provide the best quality home-made food by considering the health & hygiene as the primary objective

Order food from Kai Tuttu and enjoy the home food delicacy.

Kai Tuttu for Home Chefs

Are you a good cook? Do you love delighting others with your culinary skills?

Kai Tuttu helps you to showcase your dishes & reach to home food lovers. You can cook in your free time as per your availability and choice. The entire logistics, delivery, and

payments will be handled by the Kai Tuttu platform.

Kai Tuttu enables your passion for cooking and helps you earn additional income.

For more details, please watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw0CJvP6VdE&t=6s